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Be Soft was created based on the success of simulation oriented trainings. These training methods were developped by a group of universities and major business schools and originally used for initial and ongoing training.

What is a simulation oriented training ?

Business games constitute a solid method for learning about fundamental business concepts. In this dynamic exercise, the players, who are divided up into teams, run simulated businesses competing on a given market.

In order to do this they have to define their company's strategies concerning production, commercial and financial policy. These strategies must be developed according to their chosen objectives, and will come up against obstacles due to the general economic climate and the strategies of other businesses.

The players are periodically required to make a number of commercial, economic and financial decisions. The results obtained for each time period are used as the basis for the following set of decisions to be made.

One of key aspect of simulation training is to promote interactions between participants inside a group (group dynamics leading to common decisions) or between groups (collaboration and/or competition in various forms).

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